Tuesday, 31 January 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Further Development - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

Taking on feedback from the crit and the feedback from Dan, I began working on the question mark logo design. Below are some responses. I think the three below are unsuccessful as they are too crowded and don't get across the luxury of the brand. 

I then used the feedback and made the logo design less circular. I think this is successful as a logo design, however I would say it doesn't look like the branding for a cosmetic company; it looks very structured like it could be a logo for a car.

I then tried adding rings to the design to represent the islands of Atlantis. I think this is unsuccessful as the logo design looks very off balance and like it is two logo designs stuck together.

I then tried to make the logo design more obvious that it is a letter P. I created a typeface to go along with it. This is unsuccessful; it's too busy and isn't light and friendly like I wanted it to be.

I then worked on the second concept. This is the design I came up with, following the feedback to make the wave more subtle. This is definitely a really successful logo design; I think it gets across the luxury of the brand really well, and it still incorporates the concept.

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