Sunday, 8 January 2017

OUGD603 Logo A Day - Day 6: Jellyfish - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Today's word is jellyfish. I think this is quite an obvious word; there's nothing that jellyfish could be confused with. This is the first logo design I created. I think it's actually quite successful, however I think there is definitely room for improvement. 

I then experimented further with the shape I had made. I think this is more successful than the previous because the spacing of the shapes is a lot more successful and would work on a smaller and bigger scale. I still think there is room for improvement, however.

This is the next logo design I came up with. This is created using the letterform 'J' in the typeface Lucinda. I think this is a lot more successful than the previous designs as it is more original and different, but also still obvious that it is a jellyfish.

This is the final logo design I came up with. I played with the spacing of the letterform shapes and made them more evenly spread. I also rotated the logo design so it looked more like it had movement within it. I think this is really successful and works very well as a logo design.

TIME TAKEN: 1hr 10min

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