Monday, 16 January 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Day 1: Sun - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Day 1: Sun.

Instead of using a random word generator, I thought it would be most successful to myself to take inspiration from objects and things around me. Today it is really sunning, so I decided to create an icon for the sun. This particular design was quite successful, however it reminded me more of an abstract eye than a sun. 

For this reason I decided to add more sunrays coming off of the sun. This was definitely more successful, however I decided that the stroke was too thick. For this reason I lowered the stroke thickness. I think this is a lot more successful as it makes the design more oepn, and will also rescale a lot better.

I then added colour to the icon. The colours can work in multiple different ways - in fact it turns the icon into three different icons instead of just one. I am going to do this for each icon that I create, as it gives a bigger idea of how the icon could be used.

TIME TAKEN: 21 min

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