Thursday, 5 January 2017

OUGD603 Logo A Day - Day 3: Screw - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Today I have got the word 'screw'. The first thing that I thought about was a screw (obviously). So that kind of pattern is what I am going to try to create. Below is my first attempt; it's definitely getting that kind of pattern across, however it needs a lot more detail to be successful as a logo design I think.

I tried to add a circle to this kind of pattern; I don't think these outcomes were very successful as they wouldn't work on a smaller scale as a lot of detail would be lost.

I then went back to my original design, and decided to use semi circles instead of just curved lines. I think this is a lot more successful, so for this reason I am going to add the semi circles to the rest of the black square and see how that looks.

I added the semi circle effect to the full square. I think this kind of loses the essence of a screw, so for this reason I am going to delete some of the bottom semi circles and see how that looks.

This is the final logo design that I have created. I think it's very successful and definitely has the essence of a screw, therefore fullfilling the brief. I think if I had the time to redo this particular word, I would simplify it an awful lot as this logo doesn't rescale and therefore wouldn't be very usable. 

TIME TAKEN: 1hr 54min

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