Monday, 2 January 2017

OUGD603 Logo A Day - The Brief - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The Brief.

Using a random word calculator, create a logo design each day for the specified word. This logo can be conceptual or the first thought that you have in regards to the word. The logos must be designed once a day and no longer than 2 hours can be spent on a single logo design.

Background and Considerations.

Logo designs are very important for businesses as they are what the customer identifies. Logo designs can take days to produce, and yet lots of graphic designers are being put second due to websites such as Fiver, where you can pay £5 for a logo design. This not only insults graphic designers, but also suggests that you don't need a degree to create logos. This brief will push you as you will have a time limit in which to create a logo design - once 2 hours are up it doesn't matter if it is good or bad, it will have to be uploaded straight onto the blog.


- 30 logo designs all published to blog.
- A showcase of the logo designs. e.g. publication, poster etc.

Time Scale.

30 Days - 1 logo per day.

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