Wednesday, 25 January 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Logo Development - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

To begin my logo development, I started by creating the outline of the circles of the shape that many believe the city of Atlantis was. I think the left hand design is really effective, however it's very simple and doesn't seem very high end. I then tried to add a P for Plato into the design, which was even less effective as a high end brand. 

I then tried to create the circles into a letter P. I think these are quite effective, however they remind me a lot of Pokemon balls and that is definitely not the aesthetic of the company we are going for.

I then tried to create a typeface using circles and lines. This isn't great as it isn't very legible and it looks very playful. I then took away the lines and was left with three circles; I actually quite like this logo design, however the concept is very unclear to those who aren't in the know of the companies story and concept.

I then tried an attempt at going more literal with the name and using an illustration of Plato's face. This is quite effective, however it is too complex for a logo design as it wouldn't rescale very well.

I then thought of a new concept; the concept is that the logo would be a question mark, which is based on the fact that no one knows the location of Atlantis, but it also a rough outline of the letter P for Plato. This is really effective as there is a concept behind the design and it is informed.

I also thought of another concept. As Atlantis is supposed to have sank into the sea, I tried to show this by adding a wave to the word. This would also reiterate that the company sells bath products.

I am going to ask Dan for some feedback and also ask some people on my course to get both an illustrators and some graphic designers opinions.

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