Sunday, 15 January 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Time Management - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

I am allowing myself 30 minutes or less each day to create one successful icon design. So that I don't waste time trying to think of a word to create into an icon, I have made this project plan below with all of the words.

Project Plan.

Day One: Sun
Day Two: Jellyfish
Day Three: Chair
Day Four: Glasses
Day Five: Lipstick
Day Six: Lightbulb
Day Seven: Umbrella
Day Eight: Home
Day Nine: Envelope
Day Ten: Record
Day Eleven: Crown
Day Twelve: Paintroller
Day Thirteen: Spatula
Day Fourteen: Bicycle
Day Fifteen: Wine
Day Sixteen: Planet
Day Seventeen: Lollipop
Day Eighteen: Tennis
Day Nineteen: Key
Day Twenty: Mouse
Day Twenty One: Penguin
Day Twenty Two: Brush
Day Twenty Three: Fork
Day Twenty Four: Clock
Day Twenty Five: Paperclip
Day Twenty Six: Sock
Day Twenty Seven: Battle
Day Twenty Eight: Scissors
Day Twenty Nine: Pencil
Day Thirty: Guitar

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