Wednesday, 18 January 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Day 3: Chair - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Todays icon word is chair. I think this will be quite a challenging one as I have always struggled to get the perception of a chair right. Below is my first attempt. This is unsuccessful due to the fact it doesn't really look like a chair - it's a very abstract response.

From this, I experimented further with an abstract chair. This was supposed to be a rounded chair with padding, however, again, it doesn't really look like a chair due to the fact that it's abstract.

With the next icon I tried to strip it back to basics. I think this is a lot more successful, however it's very minimal and doesn't really match the logo designs that I have already created.

I then tried to create a desk chair. This is a lot more successful than any of my previous designs and it's definitely on the right track - I think I'm getting the proportions of a chair a lot better and more accurate.

This is the final icon that I have designed. It is successful as it is in the same style as the icons that I have already created, and it is the only icon that it is very obvious that it is a chair.

I then added colour to the icon design to show how it could work.

TIME TAKEN: 46 min

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