Thursday, 26 January 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Feedback - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

I showed Dan all of the logo designs and he preferred the last two designs because they were really conceptual and informed by the history of our brand.

From this, I decided to show some graphic designers on my course the two possible outcomes that I can develop further.

Which do you think is most successful?
1. i definitely prefer the second icon
2. I think the concept of the first but the design of the second.
3. I agree with ^, the concept of the first is more memorable but the design of the second is more high end.

How could it be improved?
1. it needs to be more subtle
2. I know it's round for a reason, but i think there are too many circles within the design.
3. I think stick with the second design but make the wave less obvious.

Does it get across the luxury of the subscription products?
1. it does, but i think it could be made more luxurious if it was more subtle
2. Not as of yet, but it could with some more development.
3. I think it does. I bet it will look really cool once the logo is put onto the packaging.

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