Sunday, 15 January 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Research: Subscription Services - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

To make our brand stand out from other cosmetic companies, we decided to incorporate the fact that the company would be based online, similar to graze. The business plan of graze is really crucial and we would base our own business model on theirs. We would start our business online and then after it becomes a hit we would then incorporate products into stores. Graze is really great and was revolutionary for healthy snacks; we believe Plato Cosmetics could be the same but for Cosmetics instead of food.

We also looked at Not Another Bill. This is a website I found through social media, and is a really great subscription service. The idea is that you would be sent a product once a month so that you have something to look forward to instead of receiving bills in the post. Our cosmetic company would definitely work in a similar style to  Not Another Bill; it's a very high-end brand and the website is beautifully designed, easy to navigate and appeals to lots of different people.

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