Tuesday, 17 January 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Company Background - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

I found this questionnaire online that helps define the aims of a business, so I decided to make up the answers for it so that we would have a better knowledge of what the aim of the identity and packaging are. The questions and answers are below.

General Background.

1.What is your company name?
Plato Cosmetics.

2. How long has your company been established?

3. Can you describe your business?
The business is in the cosmetics industry, we sell vegan products that create a utopian experience.

4. Why was your company started - what was the motivation?
The company was started to bring something new to the market; we want to create a utopian experience, whilst simultaneously looking after our planet.

5. If you had to describe your business in one word, what would it be and why?

6. Who are your main competitors?
Lush, Dove, Nivea etc.

7. What sets your company apart from the competition?
Every product sold will donate money towards looking after the planet. Every product is vegan and uses only natural ingredients. Our company will also be a subscription service instead of a shop, meaning repeat customers will be a definite and each subscription will be tailored to the specific receiver.

8. How do your competitors market themselves?
Vegan, Feminist

9. What service do you provide?
A subscription service for relaxing and taking care of your body/skin.

10. What are the long-term goals of the company?
Ideally, within 5 years there will have been multiple pop up shops and the shops would run alongside the website. Plato will be more popular than Lush.

Target Audience.

1. Who is the primary target audience?
The modern person who looks after themselves, at no cost of the environment.

2. What is the target audience's age group?
16 - 40 year olds.

3. Are they mainly male or female?
Both, the products will be gender-neutral.

4. What is the average income of your target audience?
£25,000+ a year

5. Are they any new markets you'd like to break into? What and why?
After the company has been running for a couple of months, pop up shops will begin. The company will develop to run both as a subscription service, but also within retail.

6. If your customers were to describe your company, what would it be?
The closest thing to utopia on earth.

7. How do most of your customers find out about your company?
Social media promotion, through existing customers.

About the branding.

1. What are the values of your company?
We believe in vegan products, and donating to charity. We believe in a world without global warming, and therefore donate money from every product to help reverse the effects, whether that be for installing solar panels or wind turbines.

2. What do you want the logo to accomplish?
The branding will need to show class and appeal to a high-end market. It will need to appeal to both a younger demographic and a middle aged demographic.

3. What three attributed would you like your target audience to think of when they look at the branding?
luxury, originality, environmentally-friendly

4. Traditional or modern?
Traditional - to represent the story of Atlantis.

5. Friendly or corporate?

6. High-end or cost-effective?
High-end feel, but products will be cost effective. Trick question.

Design Preference.

1. Where will the logo mainly be used? Print, web, etc.
Firstly on web where the customers would subscribe, but then it will also be on the packaging.

2. In your opinion, what defines a successful logo?
Minimal, clean, legible, original and recognisable.

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