Thursday, 19 January 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Day 4: Glasses - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The word for today is glasses. To start with, I decided to try and make some stylish glasses. I think these were quite successful and you can tell that they are reading glasses.

I then experimented with creating some depth to the design by adding arms. I think this made the design a lot less successful, as the design became not central.

I then went back to basics. I wanted my icon to match with all of the other icon designs that I have designed so far, so for this reason I decided to use full circles and connect them. I think this is the most successful design I have come up with due to the simplicity and the fact that it's minimal.

I then added colour to show how the design could look when being used.

TIME TAKEN: 24 min

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