Friday, 6 January 2017

OUGD603 Logo A Day - Day 4: Frame - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Today's word is frame. I think the only possible way of showing this would either be really simplistic, or use type. I think it will be best to use type to express the word. Below is my first attempt, using Futura. I chose Futura as it is a very geometric shape and would therefore fit really well with the box around the outside. I think this is nice, however I don't think it's a great logo design as it's very simple and must've been done before, surely. 

This was my next attempt, using the letterforms to try to form the frame. I don't think this was very successful due to the different thicknesses within the letterforms, however this could definitely be worked on and altered.

I tried this again, however using a square for the letterforms instead. I'm not a huge fan of this and it definitely looked better as a rectangle rather than a square as it was a lot more legible.

I decided to try using the shape of the letterforms as just a frame. I think this is actually quite successful and minimal, however I'm not sure if it really gets across the word frame.

This is the final logo design. I have decided it looks a lot more relevant with the text within the frame, and it's actually a really successful play with type. 

TIME TAKEN: 0hr 44min

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