Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OUGD603 Logo A Day - Day 2: Reflect - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The word I have today is reflect. My first thoughts on this were mirrors, however this would be pretty difficult to create into a logo, so instead I thought for a while and decided it would be more efficient to create a kind of pattern that reflects. Below is my first attempt. This looks quite successful as a pattern, however didn't work successfully as a logo due to the stroke thickness; the logo design wouldn't work on different scales and therefore isn't a successful logo design.

I then created a similar pattern, however I simplified it down so that I could use thicker strokes - this is a lot more successful as it could be rescaled, however is probably still too overcomplicated for a logo design.

I decided it would be best to simplify the pattern further. Below is the result. This is definitely a lot more successful as it's minimal and clean, and can be rescaled and sized for different platforms.

I experimented further and this is what I came up with. I much prefer this design as it's not too simple, however it could definitely use some work.

I tried adding a gradient to the shape; I much prefer this, as it adds a bit of depth to the logo design, however it is clear that the design is still too complex for a logo design.

I simplified the logo design a little in black and white. This is definitely a nicer shape than the previous, so I decided to try it with a gradient.

This is the final logo design I came up with, with the gradient added. I think it's a lot more successful than the previous as it's minimal and can work on multiple different scales. It also really gets across the message of reflect, as the pattern is repeated four times.

TIME TAKEN: 1hr 03min

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