Saturday, 25 February 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Final Website - Collaborative / Research (Brief Three)

Here are the website flats with Dan's illustration for the packaging added, and the photographs of the mock ups. It's really successful as it's now really engaging due to the use of colour, and it follows the same concept. This particular page would turn really colourful when the mouse would hover over the logo design.

This web flat looked a little empty, so I found images online of bath bombs. This works really well as it adds colour to the design and shows what it could look like if the products were real.

I also added a further navigation to this - when the image has the mouse on it the colour will change and show detail about the product, and this will be a click-through link to purchase the product / add it to your favourites for the subscription box.

I then added each web flat into a mock up so you can get a feel of how it would work; it's really successful and navigates really easily, and it's also very different than anything I've seen online previously. 

Finally I created a GIF with all of the website flats in to show how it could work.

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