Tuesday, 14 February 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Review of Project / Product Range Distribution - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

Overall I think this project has been really successful and I'm really proud of the icons I have created. So far, however, I haven't really experimented and shown how the icons could be used, and I think there's still potential to experiment further to show this.

This will make it more appropriate for the course as it will show product range and distribution of the icons. I originally created this project to gain more experience with Adobe Illustrator, as I wasn't very skilled with using it. I think this project has definitely improved my skills and I can create icons; something I had never tried to create before - I generally just made logos with Adobe Illustrator.

To develop this project further I am going to show the icons in use; whether that be in a publication, poster or on a website I am still unsure. I am going to do some research and have a look at where icons have been used by other designers and see if I can create a design that features my own icons.

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