Saturday, 11 February 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Day 27: Battle - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The word for today is battle. To do this I have decided to try to illustrate a sword. This is my first attempt. It's successful, however it looks like a jousting sword more than a sword used in battle so I am going to carry on experimenting. 

This is the next sword I created. This is unsuccessful; it looks more like a candle than it does a sword.

I then tried to create a really simplistic sword icon. This is more successful than the previous, however I think it would look more successful if it had more detail.

I added more detail into the next icon and I think it's really successful.

I then decided to add another of the same sword and cross the two to represent a battle. I think this is really successful and definitely gets across the word battle.

I then added colour to show how it could look if it were used. 

TIME TAKEN: 32 min

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