Monday, 27 February 2017

OUGD603 Plato Cosmetics - Evaluation - Collaboration / Research (Brief Three)

This brief came about when myself and Daniel Gilmartin (Level 6 Illustration) decided that we wanted to work together, however at the beginning we weren’t sure what we would create. We were originally looking into taking part in a D&AD or YCN brief, however we came to the agreement that none of these briefs were suited to both of our skills equally. For this reason we began researching into one of our similar interests; myths and legends. This lead us to create a subscription based cosmetic brand based on The Lost City of Atlantis. We created this brief so that we could collaborate and both contribute an equal amount; I focused on the identity and website design, whilst dan focused on the packaging design.

I really enjoyed this brief as it was really interesting researching into Atlantis and coming up with a relevant concept behind our own brand. The concept of the brand was a subscription based cosmetic brand that would provide a utopian experience, which referenced back to the story of Atlantis. The final resolutions for the brief were really successful as we both made sure that every development was discussed before going further, which meant the brand came together perfectly. 

Within my portfolio, this brief will demonstrate that I can work really well within a team, but also that I am a very concept-driven person. This is a really important aspect to add to my portfolio as it will give me an edge to other students; having spoken to a number of design studios as part of PPP, the main echo from each studio was that concept is key and designing for aesthetic purposes won’t get you very far. 

Our time management of this brief wasn’t as efficient as we had originally planned due to COP being due in, however once COP was completed we began working really successfully together and dedicated a day every week to meet up and discuss further ideas we had. If we were to develop this project further, it would be really interesting to experiment with foiling and different print methods, as we didn’t have enough time for this due to individual engagement with other projects.

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