Sunday, 26 February 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Evaluation - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The original brief for this project wasn’t considered very well, which made it very difficult to show the resolutions in context. The original brief was to create an icon a day for a whole month based on objects and using a random noun generator. This gave me a lot of obscure resolutions, such as ‘battle’ and ‘chair’, which made it very difficult to put into context. I did, however, manage to create a brief in which I could feature a lot of the relevant icons, which was to create a poster design that included the iconography to promote the refurbished Warrington Market, which will open in 2018. I found this brief was really useful as it began as a way to dedicate some of my time to improve my Adobe Illustrator skills, however it developed into a brief that was very informed. 

I really enjoyed this project as I developed my Illustrator skills which will hopefully benefit me within some of the next briefs that I participate in, it is also really beneficial as I now have icons that I can use in other projects that I complete; I won’t need to design them from scratch.

My time management of this brief was really well executed; I allowed it to run alongside other briefs and dedicated an hour a day to the iconography, which was beneficial as it has given me a break from other projects in which I can still be very productive. 

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