Saturday, 18 February 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Poster Designs Using Icons - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

As my icons are not really related to each other, I have decided to create a poster advertising Warrington Market, as Warrington Market is a market that sells a range of different products and I think my icons will be best suited to it. I also chose Warrington Market as it is currently undergoing a refurbishment as there has been a decrease in the amount of people that use the market in the last couple of years. Making people aware that the market is changing is definitely a current issue that Warrington Council is currently tackling, so I am going to try to get in contact and send the poster design to the Council once I have finished it.

Below is the first poster design I created. I think it's quite successful and would definitely bring in foot traffic to the new market place, however I think the lack of colour will not suit the new refurb of the market. It's also a bit too messy for my liking; the icons are all the same size but they aren't all placed perfectly aligned with each other.

Next I tried to make the icons revolve around the words ' Warrington Market'. I think the type could be made a lot more effective, however I quite like this idea and it could definitely be a successful poster design.

Following on from the previous idea, I thought it might be quite interesting to see the icons within the glasses icon I had created. I think this is really effective and could be made interactive which would definitely bring more excitement to the market and get people more engaged.

I then tried to create a neat and organised poster with a lot of the relevant icons in. I personally prefer this idea than any of the others; it's neat and pleasing to look at.

I am going to ask for some feedback from some of the class as I can't decide which idea to go with and to add colour to. 

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