Thursday, 2 February 2017

OUGD603 Icon A Day - Day 18: Tennis - Self-initiated (Brief Four)

The word for today is tennis. Below is the first icon I created. It's very basic and looks a lot more like a table tennis racket than it does a tennis racket. 

I then tried to add detail to the design. I don't think this is very successful as the icon doesn't rescale due to the closeness of the paths.

I then tried to spread this out. I think this is quite successful, however still doesn't look as good as I think I can make it.

Finally, I got rid of a lot of the detail within the racket and added a tennis ball. I think this is very successful and it is clear that it is a tennis racket.

I then added colour and detail to the racket to show what it could look like if it were used. 

TIME TAKEN: 55 min

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