Saturday, 29 April 2017

OUGD603 Poster Zine - Layout Experimentation - Self-initiated / Research Brief (Brief Seven)

At this point in the project I'm still not sure how I will display the posters, and I have finally finished creating all of the poster designs, so for this reason I am going to make some mock ups of layouts and see which I prefer, and hopefully get some feedback.

The design below takes inspiration from the People of Print posterzine. It's effective and includes the lyrics of the song, however I don't think there is enough imagery or text to make this successful - and I don't want to include more text as it would never be read. I specifically kept my descriptions of the colour psychology to a minimum for this particular reason. 

Instead, I designed this publication layout below. I think it definitely has potential to be successful, however I'm not really set on the lyric placement. It was very difficult to incorporate both the lyrics and colour psychology description into such a small space.

I also made the above layout using a white background for the type. I think this is a lot more successful as it makes the type more readable and also makes the poster design stand out a lot more.

I then tried a similar layout as the above, however moved the title type and added the specific colours to the text. I don't like this layout as I think the title text doesn't look like it belongs on the page, but I also don't particularly enjoy the colour of the colour psychology descriptions - I think it takes away from the poster design. I also preferred the poster design being on the left so that it is the first thing you see when you turn the page.

I moved the poster back to the left hand side of the spread and centralised the text, taking inspiration from some of the zines I have previously looked at. I think this is definitely on its way to being successful, however I think the type is too big and takes away from the poster design. I want the poster designs to be the main focus of the publication, and then the reasoning to be a secondary focus.

This is the last layout I have come up with. Taking on my own critiques from the previous layout designs, I have made the text a lot smaller and moved it so that the type only begins at the centre of the page. I think this is really successful as the text doesn't take away from the poster design, in fact they compliment each other really effectively.

Before designing the rest of the publication I am going to ask for some feedback to make sure that I'm on the right track.

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