Saturday, 1 April 2017

OUGD603 Poster Zine - The Brief - Self-initiated / Research Brief (Brief Seven)

Following on from the MUNA zine submission (brief five), I have decided that I want to extent this brief and develop it into my own zine, as the competition only allowed for one submission per person, and I would like to create a poster design for the other eleven songs.

The brief.

With colour psychology in mind, create a series of posters based on MUNA's album 'About U'. With the final resolutions, create a poster zine, focusing further on colour psychology and layout.

Background and Considerations.

How will you keep the poster designs constant with brief five?
What is the relevant binding for the publication?

Target Audience.

MUNA fans, graphic designers & people who collect posters.


A series of 12 posters.
A poster zine, printed and bound.

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