Thursday, 27 April 2017

OUGD603 Chevin Forest - Evaluation - Self-initiated (Brief Nine)

This brief was a self-initiated brief that I created when I went to visit Chevin Forest and realised how difficult the map design they have was to follow. I also noted that there weren’t any leaflets to follow and the maps were a great distance from each other, making it really easy to get lost and walk along the wrong trail. I decided to create a map that would be easier to read, and apply it to a leaflet design for this particular reason. 

The concept of my map was to keep it simple and legible; I used contrasting lines to show the main roads and different paths, and cut down a lot of the unnecessary imagery that made the original map very crowded, such as the illustrations of trees. I made sure to use bold colours to make the map design really stand out, however to only use natural colours to ensure that the map design would be in keeping with the aesthetic of Chevin Forest. 

I think my map design is really successful as it is clear that it focused on legibility, and the same concept was applied to the leaflet design. The leaflet design was created with the intention of being a lot smaller than most leaflet designs, meaning that it could be fit into a pocket and was easy to access without the need of extra folding. 

I found this project really challenging as I had never previously designed a map through-out studies, and I didn’t really know where to start, so I looked into a lot of visual research to aid my own development. I really enjoyed this project due to its challenging nature. It looks really effective in my portfolio due to the fact it shows that I can create very functional and informative designs.

My time management of this project was really efficient; unlike other projects, this project was mainly spent designing due to the fact that I had never created a map before, so it took a lot of development to get to the final resolution. 

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