Saturday, 15 April 2017

OUGD603 Chevin Forest - Development - Self-initiated (Brief Nine)

To begin developing my own map design for Chevin Forest, I created the basic outlines of the paths and roads of the map and then added a texture to the background to represent the trees. I think these designs are overly-complicated and are still quite crowded, and would be even more crowded once the type was added.

I then stripped the map back and added a diagonal line to represent the trees instead. This is definitely more successful than the previous developments, however I still think that when the type is added the map will be too crowded.

I completely stripped the map back. I think this is actually really successful on its own, so I am going to add the text.

I decided to add a grey background to the map as this made the text stand out a lot more, but it also made the map a lot less harsh on the eyes. I think this is really successful as it meets the brief; it is a lot more minimal and legible.

I added the important details to the map so that it could be followed a lot easier. This is really successful, however I am going to ask for some feedback before developing this map design further.

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