Sunday, 2 April 2017

OUGD603 Up Yer Sleeve - Development - Live Brief (Brief Eight)

To begin my design development I used Adobe Illustrator and began creating icons. From my research I found out that the song is actually satire, so I decided to make a sarcastic-looking smilie face to show the hedonistic nature of the song. I think this is quite successful, however it is quite dull to look at so would need colour adding if this concept was to be taken forward.

I then experimented with other icons to show the main visionary points in the song. Again, this is successful however still dull due to the lack of colour.

I then decided to experiment with an abstract design - this is supposed to show the waves splashing against the beach, referencing the lyric 'watch the waves break on the bay'. It's successful however very simple and I think it could be developed further.

I then decided to experiment with type. The word 'Cool' is mentioned in the song multiple times, so I decided to experiment with this particular word. The below concept is quite successful, however it lacks colour and originality.

I then experimented with warping and changing small elements of each word. I think this is definitely on the way to a developed idea. I'm going to ask for feedback and see what everyone else thinks.

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