Monday, 17 April 2017

OUGD603 Poster Zine - Development: Winterbreak - Self-initiated / Research Brief (Brief Seven)


Song Meaning.

“Winterbreak is about a love that you can’t reconcile. You want to make home out of a person that has proved to you time and time again that they are not home; they are just a person. It’s about retracing scars, negative patterns all with the silent belief that moments of communion and understanding might justify months of misfiring and regret. We’re all just trying to get back to that ‘first high’ feeling - an honest endeavour, however futile.”

Colour Psychology.

Green is the colour of possessiveness. It’s envious, devious and inconsiderate. It is over-cautious and bitter at times. 

Yellow often means a judgemental attitude. It’s overly analytical, impatient and impulsive. It represents a pessimistic nature and cowardice. It often lacks compassion and doesn’t show emotion.  

Purple is full of arrogance. It is immature and delusional, and is often impractical. It represents a cynical emotion. 

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