Tuesday, 18 April 2017

OUGD603 Chevin Forest - Further Development - Self-initiated (Brief Nine)

Following on from the previous design, I decided to make the map that I had already created into an outline. This makes it more obvious that they are paths and roads, especially when looking at the weight of the strokes. I also think this makes the type stand out even more. 

I then added the details and a key needed for the map to be easily followed. I also added a point on the map where the person would be stood when looking at the map. This is key and something I noticed the original map design was lacking when walking around Chevin Forest Park.

I'm still not completely set on the above colour scheme, so I thought it would be beneficial to strip it back to black and white. I think this is actually really successful without colour. It would also be beneficial as it would save a lot of money on printing, and it would also make it possible to print it out into leaflets so that people could follow it around the whole park. This map, however, makes it very difficult to tell which is a path and white is a river. For this reason, colour will definitely have to be used in the final resolution.

Going on from the previous idea, I added minimal colour to the design to make the key points stand out. I think this is definitely more successful than the previous design as it is clear to see where the rivers are and where the paths and roads are. I also added green text instead of red as I had previously done as I think it makes the design a lot more approachable and friendly, as red generally suggests danger.

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