Monday, 27 March 2017

OUGD603 Up Yer Sleeve - The Brief - Live Brief (Brief Eight)

Up Yer Sleeve is a new print exhibition exploring record sleeve artwork. Each track has been selected to celebrate a range of musical icons that recently passed away.

The Brief.

Produce a 7inch x 7inch printed artwork in response to an allocated track provided by the Up Yer Sleeve team upon request. The artwork can be produced digitally, analogue or a mixture of both.

Background and Considerations. 

We encourage you to be experimental and conceptual. Use any creative approach you feel suits the track.
The use of typography is permitted, but don't include the song title from the track within your artwork for reasons of secrecy.
Print on any stock you see fit.


7x7 inch format.


Artwork to be submitted within the 7 x 7" format in order to displayed in the exhibition.

Target Audience.

Designers, Leeds locals, tourists, people who enjoy music. Age range 16-60.


On or before 3pm on Friday 5th May in the third year studio.

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