Thursday, 30 March 2017

OUGD603 Leeds Print Festival: Jessy Lanza - Evaluation - Live Brief (Brief Six)

This brief was a live brief for Leeds Print Festival for a musician called Jessy Lanza. I decided to participate in this brief as it allowed for experimentation with print methods; something I had initially outlined to do within my statement of intent. The brief was to create a 23cm x 23cm print for the song ‘Oh No’. 

The concept development for this brief came from contextual research when looking into Jessy Lanza’s production of her track; I discovered that she has a ‘postmodern approach to writing music’, this informed my own design as I created my print in a postmodern style. This was really successful as it gave me an idea to work towards, and gave me more context and reason for creating the print. I incorporated different design elements to the print and used repetition to represent the musical instruments used within the song; this was informed by the fact that Jeremy Greenspan helped produce the track, and he often uses very repetitive drum beats within his electronic music. I believe my concept was conveyed really efficiently within my print, as each element would’ve worked individually, however comes together to create a successful final resolution. 

I really enjoyed this brief, especially experimenting with screen printing. I have done projects involving screen print in the past in which it often goes wrong, however due to me learning from my past mistakes the printing went really well and the final prints are really effective and informed. It was really challenging, however, due to the fact that I only had one sheet of GF Smith White Colourplan to print onto, meaning I had to get the positioning of the screen perfect to make each layer line up. 

My time management of this brief had to be really well considered as I had to have the designs ready for a certain point in the project so that I could then get the screen set up for screen printing. I managed my time really efficiently and completed the brief within the deadline. This project is great to have in my portfolio as it shows that I consider different print methods that are informed by the brief. 

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