Saturday, 25 March 2017

OUGD603 MUNA - Evaluation - Competition Brief (Brief Five)

This brief was a live brief for the band MUNA, who put out an open call for submissions for an upcoming zine, asking for a personal interpretation of a song from their album ‘About U’. This was a really interesting brief to take part in as I am a huge fan of the band due to their beliefs and their stances on politics and LGBTQA+ rights. The concept behind the zine was to push fans and creatives to create their own content, as this album was written and produced by the band prior to being signed, so they wanted to aid in the process of self-expression and personal growth. 

My poster design was informed by research into colour psychology. Researching into the song ‘If U Love Me Now’, I discovered that the song incorporates themes of depression and suicide; this closely relates to the colour psychology of purple and black. I believe I conveyed this message really successfully; my aim was to visualise the song and make the viewer feel the emotion being portrayed.

This project looks excellent in my portfolio, due to the fact that it is very concept-driven. It was very important that this particular brief was informed by contextual research and not hugely by visuals, as it shows that I can learn from research and apply it to a real life brief. 

I had to manage my time really efficiently for this project, as I have multiple other projects on the go at the  same time. It was also beneficial to make a time plan, as this was a design for a live brief, meaning there was a set deadline that I had to have my work completed by. 

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