Monday, 13 March 2017

OUGD603 MUNA - Feedback - Competition Brief (Brief Five)

When asking for feedback, I decided that I would just show the two designs that I would like to see developed further, as I'm not a huge fan of the other designs I have created. 


1a It's quite a postmodern design, but it's also quite basic for a poster design - it would need something else to make it more engaging. 
1b Agree with above. It's not very engaging, quite boring. 
1c I like it personally, but I think it does need something else. 

2a I don't think this really looks like a poster design as of yet, but I like the image used - it's engaging as I want to figure out what the poster is about. 
2b I like the colours and the aloofness of it. It makes me want to find out more
2c It definitely needs a lot more work to be successful but i like it. it's different from a lot of imagery you often see on posters

Further development.

To develop this brief further I am definitely going to take forward the second poster design. Having thought about it further, I do agree that the first poster design is successful however it is quite boring to look at and not very engaging, and therefore doesn't represent the band at all. I think I am going to start developing this by researching into colour psychology and go from there. 

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