Thursday, 2 March 2017

OUGD603 Leeds Print Festival: Jessy Lanza - The Brief - Live Brief (Brief Six)

Amber introduced this potential brief today as part of Leeds Print Fair. It's a really interesting brief as I currently haven't done any print-based design that requires a different method of printing than digital this year, and it's definitely something I would like to explore more. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The Brief.

Create a visual response to the song 'Oh No' by Jessy Lanza for the upcoming Leeds Print Fair. Jessy Lanza will be performing an intimate gig as part of the festival, and there will be an exhibition of the prints on display at Leeds College of Music.

Background and Considerations.

How will type be used to visually communicate the song?
How will image be used to visually communicate the song?


The print will need to be 23x23cm


1x 23cm x 23cm print on stock provided by GF Smith.

Time Scale.

One Month.
27th February to 27th March.

Target Audience.

The exhibition will be seen by students of Leeds College of Music, and also by people attending Leeds Print Fair.

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