Saturday, 11 March 2017

OUGD603 MUNA - Development - Competition Brief (Brief Five)

I am going to jump right in and start designing some possible poster designs that could be developed further. This is because I would quite like to get some feedback on the rough mock ups before I develop them further; this will save me some time and give me a better idea of how to go about designing them. I started by playing with type and warping it in Photoshop, and then vectoring it and building up layers. I think this is quite effective, however it's very basic and there isn't much to it. 

For this reason, I added a really bold background using another photoshop filter. I think this is actually quite successful, as the song covers themes of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I think this design is very relevant as it is a mixture of media and it symbolises the thoughts of the person going through this ordeal.

I then tried a similar style however using lists of images layered up into a digital collage. I added colour to this, which I think is unsuccessful. I think there's too much going on, especially with the use of colour. It might be more effective in black and white, however I'm not a huge fan of the design as a whole.

I then stripped the design back to basics and warped more text. I think this is unsuccessful as, similar to before, it is very basic, however this time I think the type isn't warped enough to communicate the concept that I am focusing on. 

As the warped type was very basic, I decided to not only warp a single line of the lyrics but warp the whole song. I think this is really effective and definitely communicates the message I was trying to get across; uncertainty and anxiety (unfocused thoughts). I don't really like the use of colour within this particular design, however the concept is definitely visible. 

Finally I decided to use an image of myself and add lots of effects and warp the photograph to show that it is my interpretation of the song. I think this is really effective, however I think the concept could definitely be developed further - it would be really interesting to look into colour theory and develop this idea further in relevant colours to the song. 

To develop this particular idea, I decided to play around with mixed media further and add some type and illustration. This can be seen below. I think it's really successful and very different to any of the work I have ever made before, however I think it has lost some of the mystery behind the design - it is no longer clear that the image was originally a photograph and the focus has been changed to the illustration and type rather than the image - the image which features the main theme and message behind the design.

Before developing a poster design further I am going to get some feedback on the posters I have designed so far to see if anyone has some suggestions to routes I could go down - right now I am quite interested in researching into colour theory/psychology however I am going to listen to some advice first. 

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