Thursday, 16 March 2017

OUGD603 Leeds Print Festival: Jessy Lanza - Development - Live Brief (Brief Six)

To develop my project further, I began by looking into the melody of the song. The drum beat is constantly repeated through-out the entire song, so I tried to create a visual for this. This can be seen below. The icons show the drum beat as they are repeated, however are interrupted with a wave - this is supposed to represent the synth. 

I then began experimenting with type. As the title of the song is repeated through-out the song I tried to show this by using solely type. It's a good idea, however I think it's quite a boring design to look at and it's not very engaging.

I then tried to incorporate the repetition of both the drums and the lyrics 'oh no' through the use of icons. I think this is unsuccessful; the icons were supposed to read 'oh no' but I think it's very abstract and still quite disengaging to look at.

I then tried to experiment more with shape and type combined. I think this is starting to look a lot more successful however there is definitely still room for improvement.

I worked with a similar concept as above, and this is what I came up with. I think it's really interesting as it shows the repetition of the drum beat through the imagery, and the repetition of the lyrics through the type.

Before developing an idea further I am going to ask some of the course for some feedback. 

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