Wednesday, 30 November 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Colour Theory - Live Brief (Brief Two)

The client has already discussed that she doesn't have a specific colour scheme in mind, so for this reason I have creative control with this specific aspect of the design. She has, however, suggested that the colour scheme be gender neutral to apply to a wider demographic.

Below are some colour mock ups.

It became clear that the above colour schemes were not successful as they used too many colours, and generally lost the effect of the ladder. For this reason, it will be best to keep the logo one specific colour and change the colour of the background. This will be useful for business cards and the general branding of the rest of the collateral as it will keep each consistent with another, and therefore make the brand memorable.

Above are some colour schemes that I have played with now. The colour is in CMYK as the collateral for the client will all be print. This means that the colour scheme will be duller than if it was viewed online, however I think this is successful as it washes out a lot of the colours and they become pastel, which is something the client incorporates in a lot of her interior design.

This is the chosen colour. This was chosen as it is bright, bold and represents the bold colours that the client uses in her interior design. I will confirm this colour with the client before creating business cards and progressing with the collateral of the project further.

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