Sunday, 20 November 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Primary Research - Live Brief (Brief Two)

Helena Wrench has requested that the logo be kept clean and minimal, and also that the logo has an icon and isn't just text. She has requested this due to the fact she wants her icon to be recognisable across Liverpool and an icon is a lot more memorable than a name. She has also requested that the logo represent what she does within her business, but also an essence of her name. This is quite a tricky task, however it is definitely possible and something that my logo design work will try to incorporate.

Prior to designing the logo, it might be beneficial to get other peoples opinions of what makes a successful logo design. In my opinion, a successful logo design is recognisable, legible and represents the business or person. I have been taught in previous years that to create a successful logo design, the design will have to work in black and white, and it should be possible to rescale the logo to both a small and big size - this is for digital and print, and also collateral such as invoices. 

I asked these questions to a few people at Leeds College of Art. I decided to ask other courses as well as Graphic Design as they would give opinions on what makes logos successful to them. 

What do you think makes a successful logo design?

a) minimal, clean, good concept
b) hmm... i think it should be minimal but obvious what the business is for, such as apple or wwf.
c) simple recognisable and colourful
d) different from anything else. lots of logos I see look quite similar

Do you prefer black and white or colourful logo designs?

a) colour
b) Colourful, but not too colourful
c)Black and white personally. Colour does work but needs to be limited and stand out.
d) Both. Depends on the logo design and what it's for.

Do you think there should be a maximum of colours used in a logo design?

a) Yes
b) yeah, it should be limited... i'd say max 3 colours, but it depends really.
c) *see previous answer*
d) yes and no, it depends. the colours need to be relevant to the logo design and purpose.

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