Monday, 28 November 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Logo Development - Live Brief (Brief Two)

Now that the client has approved the concept for the logo design, I am going to start working on it on Illustrator. 

Things I still need to keep within the logo design: minimalism and relevance.

Below is the logo design that I drew by hand. It's not great at this stage, however with some work I think it could become really successful and perfect for the client.

I then mocked the logo up using the typeface Harbour. This isn't successful, however it's definitely on the right path.

I then experimented with created a logo with both Helena's initials. This is unsuccessful due to the stroke thickness and it also isn't slick or minimal like requested.

This is definitely a lot more slick, however it isn't very central which irritates me as a designer. I don't think it's a very successful logo design as of yet, and it also doesn't answer the brief of making an icon as it is still very type-based.

Below is a similar design as the above, however the H has been elongated to represent a ladder more. This is definitely better than the previous.

This looks a lot better to me as it is now central due to the box around the letterform, however it still looks too much like a letter for my personal preference.

This is the same H put into a square that cuts off the serifs. This is a lot more successful, however it irritates me that the centre of the H is thinner than the rest of the letterform.

I then inverted this. It's still irritating, however it looks a lot better and more as a shape than a letterform.

I then made the thickness of the letterform the same for every element. This is 100% better than any previous design, however I believe it loses the essence of the ladder due to the gaps between each shape.

For this reason, I added the lines back into the shape. This is very successful and I believe the most successful logo icon created. I am going to send it to Helena to get her opinion, however I think she will like it due to the fact it answers everything that she requested from a logo, and it also incorporates an element of herself due to the letter H being visible.

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