Thursday, 17 November 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - The Brief - Live Brief (Brief Two)

The Brief.

Helena Wrench has been in contact in order to get a logo design for her business, which is an interior design business. She would like a logo design that reflects her style of interior design, which is minimal and colourful. The logo design should be applicable over a range of collateral, such as business cards and for online use.

Background and Considerations.

The logo design needs to reflect the style of design that Helena Wrench creates - she has no photos as of yet of her projects, however she says they are minimal and colourful. How will you reflect this in your logo design and business cards?

Target Audience.

- Her clients range from 25-60 year olds, and so far has mostly been females, however the logo needs to be gender neutral so that the business will apply to all sexes.
- The modern person who can afford to hire an interior designer.


The logo design for the client created into business cards, for digital use and for extra collateral for example contracts and invoices.

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