Monday, 14 November 2016

OUGD603 Creative Networks - Evaluation - Collaborative / Competition (Brief One)

The brief was to create two poster designs for Creative Networks, run by CCE in university. The aim of the brief was to advertise and inform the five Creative Network events of the year, the first being Mike Mignola. This project was a collaboration between myself, Cameron and Izzie, for which I contributed the background design, Cameron contributed the label design and Izzie contributed the concept. We all decided to work together as we had collaborated in the past and we knew that we all brought a different set of skills to the table. Our group worked really well together, as we all contributed an equal amount and the final outcomes are really different from any of the work we would’ve produced individually; they incorporate a lot of different styles of work, which all merged really well together. 

The concept of our designs was to incorporate different elements of the speakers work, however keep each poster consistent. I believe this worked really successfully, as the two poster designs we created focused on relevant elements to the speaker, for example, the poster design for Mike Mignola focused on his colour palette and the shape he often uses within the backgrounds of his comics. 

I really enjoyed participating in this collaboration and completing this brief as it was challenging due to the fact that my team all have a very different design style, which meant we all had to meet in the middle and alter the design so that we all felt it was successful. The final outcomes will look great in my portfolio due to the fact I currently don’t feature any collaborative work, and including this brief will prove that I can work well both individually and as part of a team. 

Our time management of the brief was really well executed; as soon as we were briefed on this project we set a date that we would all meet back up to discuss the ideas and mock ups that we had created, and from this point we designed the final poster designs, incorporating different elements from each team members concepts. 

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