Monday, 21 November 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Visual Inspiration - Live Brief (Brief Two)

Below are some examples found online for other interior designers across the world. The logo below is simplistic and uses circular shapes and linework to make up the icon. Personally, I don't think the typeface works very well with the logo design and it would look a lot more successful with a sans serif. Other than that, however, the actual icon is very successful. It shows the style of interior design that the designer would incorporate into their clients house.

The next logo design is very successful, however again doesn't go very well with the typeface. The typeface would work a lot better with the icon if it was thicker. The actual icon, however, is similar to the above in the sense that it gives an example of the type of interior design that would be purchased. It gives me the idea that the interior design would be very fancy and modern.

The next logo design is very simplistic. The typeface works for both the icon and logo, however the icon isn't very successful as it doesn't give an insight into what the interior designer creates, and it also doesn't scream interior design. It's a very corporate logo in my opinion.

This is the last logo design that I found. I don't think it's very well created and looks very off balance due to the use of sharp edges on the flower and then curves on the chair. The flower and the chair also don't sit very well together. The actual typeface used, however, is very successful and would work a lot better as logotype without the icon.

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