Friday, 7 October 2016

OUGD603 Creative Networks - Primary Research - Collaborative / Competition (Brief One)

It would be beneficial to find out other peoples views of posters, rather than basing the design decisions for my mock up poster designs solely on my own opinions of posters. Below are the questions asked to the participants. Not many people took the survey, however it is clear to see that most of the people that did have very similar views on what makes a poster design a success, which I agree with.

Q1. What catches your eye when looking at poster designs?

A1) When I look at poster designs, the colour is usually the thing that stands out the most - it's the thing that usually catches your eye at a glance, and then the rest of the poster is key to keeping my interest.
A2) Colour, attractive people and shocking images.
A3) Type
A4) Type and colour.

Q2. Do you prefer posters that a) have a lot of type or b) posters that rely on imagery?

A1) b. I think a poster shouldn't hold an insane amount of information, if the person is interested I assume they will go and research the event or what have you further.
A2) Depends how well the type is executed, if it is badly executed it is better to rely on images.
A3) a.
A4) A mix of both a and b. it needs to have the right balance and be aesthetically pleasing.

Q3. Would you take the time to read body copy on a poster?

A1) no, I will only really look at a poster for 10 seconds max at a time - the information should be very visible straight away.
A2) no, not unless i was interested
A3) probably not. it does sometimes look successful though.
A4) no, unless it was a poster online/i was really interested in the event.

Q4. How do you find out about events that you want to attend?

A1) Posters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. mainly online but posters do help.
A2) online, facebook
A3) posters, Facebook, word of mouth
A4) all of the above ^

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