Monday, 10 October 2016

OUGD603 Creative Networks - Discussion of Individual Posters & Concept Creation - Collaborative / Competition (Brief One)

Myself, Cameron and Izzie all got together and showed each other the poster designs we had come up with so far. Having looked at all of the posters, we thought that the most successful idea so far was Izzie's design. She had created a poster that was 3D (see image below). We weren't all hugely thrilled with the content, but we thought that the idea of using a 3D element to the poster would definitely make it stand out from other submissions. We decided to run with this idea.

We also discussed the fact that we were finding it really difficult to work with the artwork of Mike Mignola, and decided it would be really interesting to see if we could take an element of his work and make that an element of the poster, instead of using his actual artwork. When looking through his work, we realised that the background of most of his artwork is very similar - there's a specific shape behind each figure (see images below).

It would be really interesting to try to recreate a similar shape for our poster design, as it would feature an element of the artists work, but also wouldn't need to feature an actual image of his work. This development can be seen below. The style of these poster mock ups were a lot more successful than all of the other poster developments so far, so as a group it was decided that this style would be taken further and developed more.

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