Thursday, 6 October 2016

OUGD603 Creative Networks - Initial Ideas - Collaborative / Competition (Brief One)

Before jumping into designing and drawing mock ups of ideas, it will be beneficial to outline the problems that are posed by the brief. Below is a mind map of these initial problems. 

The most important question that came out from creating this mind map was taken directly from the brief and is as follows: 

"How will each event be unique?"

This is the most important problem so far, as each five artists will vary in specialism, however the poster designs must be consistent, irrelevant of specialism or style of artwork. This is one of the most tricky problems to try to solve, as the poster design must be functional with each speaker but also showcase a style or element of their work.

Before discussing with the rest of the group, it will be beneficial to make some very rough mock ups of layout to get an idea of the layouts that could be successful and the layouts that may not be. From creating these mock ups, it is clear to see that the more simplistic designs (the top two designs) will be a lot more successful than the more complex designs (the bottom two designs), as they will be a lot easier to keep consistent over the five poster designs, and also the type and imagery will stand out a lot more due to the use of negative space. It will make the poster a lot easier to follow and hold the viewers attention longer than a design that is complex and needs decoding. 

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