Tuesday, 4 October 2016

OUGD603 Creative Networks - Introduction - Collaborative / Competition (Brief One)

CCE came in to introduce us to this brief. The brief isn't mandatory, however it seems like a really interesting brief to ease myself into Extended Practice with, as it is a short brief (two weeks) and requires two final outcomes, which seems very achievable and means that the final product will be worked on within incredible detail in order to create the best outcome.

Izzie, Cameron and myself have all agreed to team up to try to tackle the brief. Having previously worked with them both prior to this briefing, we are very aware of the group dynamic and how well we all work with each other. Working with Cameron is very interesting, as we are both very different people and our styles are varied, meaning the final outcome usually integrates both styles and is often a design that couldn't be created as individuals. Izzie also brings a lot to the table, as she also has a very specific style and she is very good at coming up with concepts and idea generation.

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