Friday, 12 May 2017

OUGD603 Poster Zine - Evaluation - Self-initiated / Research Brief (Brief Seven)

This brief was inspired by the poster design I had created for MUNA’s song ‘If U Love Me Now’ (brief five), as I really enjoyed researching into colour psychology and matching the emotions of colours with the emotions of the song. I decided that I would create my own zine based on colour psychology for the whole album as another research brief, as I wanted to explore colour psychology in more depth. I then put each poster into a zine with a focus on layout and research. 

The concept for each poster design was informed by the research undertaken in brief five, however each design was developed with a lot more research into different colour psychologies. The layout of the poster zine was created with the concept of complimenting the poster designs and not subtracting from their affect. I believe the concept was already really successful and due to further research into colour psychology I discovered a lot more information, which enabled me to explore composition further and complete this brief to a very high standard.  Focusing on negative space for the layout allowed me to communicate another message; there is an importance for safe spaces, and MUNA gigs are now classed as a safe space for the LGBTQA+. 

I really enjoyed this brief as it was based on one of my favourite bands, who are currently becoming huge across America due to their stance on politics. It was really great to research into the band and the meaning behind their lyrics, and made me appreciate their songs and influence even more. The final resolutions for this brief are a lot different from my other work; I don’t often use a lot of colour within my work, however after researching into colour psychology this may change in my next briefs as I now believe I can base colour choices on research and not just personal preference. 

My time management for this brief was really well executed, as I decided to create a poster a day until I had produced a poster for each song. This has allowed me to work on other projects alongside, meaning I remained interested in each brief and it didn’t become dull. 

This project will look great in my portfolio due to the research that went into it; it will be a great talking point at interview as there is a lot to talk about for each page of the zine, and I’m really passionate about the final publication I produced. 

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