Wednesday, 14 December 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Evaluation - Live Brief (Brief Two)

This brief came about when Helena Wrench got in contact, asking for an identity for her start up business, which is an interior design, painting and decorating company. The aim of the identity was for her to make a memorable, professional impression, however incorporate her style within the logo design. Helena discussed that she would like to leave a lasting impression with her customers so that they would refer her to their friends and colleagues. I decided to take on this brief due to the fact I really enjoy logo design and it’s a live brief. I haven’t created work for a lot of live briefs in the past, especially regarding logo design, so this brief gave an edge to my portfolio that other students might not have. 

My logo design was really successful as it was minimal and informed by Helena’s interior design style. The design is based on her initials, and also a ladder as this is a tool she uses everyday for her company. The business card and invoice design was created in a similar style to be consistent with the logo design. All of the outcomes for the brief were print-based due to the fact that most of Helena’s clientele don’t use emails. 

I really enjoyed this brief as it was a challenge creating a logo design for a live business and I had to come to terms how it would work in the real world; this was successful and Helena is really pleased with the final outcomes as I stuck very closely to her guidelines and needs. 

My time management for the brief was well executed; I believe the brief would’ve taken around two weeks to complete, however due to the fact that COP is due in soon I decided to extend this to four weeks. This gave me a lot of time to perfect the concept for my designs and create really successful designs for print.

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