Sunday, 11 December 2016

OUGD603 Helena Wrench Branding - Invoice Development - Live Brief (Brief Two)

Having already got an idea of what the client is after for her invoice designs, this part of the project should be quite simple. She just wants her invoice designs to be minimal, clean and legible. She has also mentioned that the date and invoice number needs to be very clear, preferably in one of the corners of the page so that she can organise them easily. Below are some of the designs I have come up with. The first one is quite successful, however I think the logo design might be a little too big, and it's also missing Helena's contact information and a place to put the clients contact information. 

Below is another invoice mock up. I think this one is a lot more successful than the previous, however there isn't enough negative space due to the coloured block, and it's very text heavy.

From learning this from the previous design, I took that on board and tried to make the design more minimal. Again, I don't think this is very successful. Designing the invoices is definitely a learning curve as each design I create I learn something else. It is clear from this design that the contact names and information needs to be a lot clearer; from this design it isn't clear who is the client and who owns the business.

The next three designs made it clear that there was definitely too much text, and also that it is a lot more legible if the client and business owners name is next to each other and central. It won't be too difficult to refine this idea; I just need to make everything central and get rid of a lot of the text, however still leave room for the client to be precise about what she has done for her customer.


Below are the final invoice designs. I have spoken with Helena and showed her some of the designs, and she said that these are definitely her favourite as they're clear and easy to follow. They also show that she is grateful for the customer and would love to work with them in the future. I originally designed them in black and white to save on printing costs, however Helena has said that she doesn't mind printing them in colour, so for this reason I am going to add colour to the design below.

Below is the invoice design with relevant colours added. Now I just need to get this ready to show to the client and this project will be finished.

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